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Merrillville Animal Hospital Staff

Dr. Marler is a 1973 graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Sciences and has been owner of the Merrillville Animal Hospital since 1985. Dr. Marler is married to Linda, who serves as the office manager, has two sons, Tim and Kevin, two beautiful daughters-in-law, Jennifer and Michelle, and a grandson, Drew. In his spare time, Dr. Marler enjoys fishing, boating, and golfing. He is also an avid sports fan, following and attending games of the Chicago White Sox, Bears, Blackhawks, and Purdue football and basketball. At home he has two golden retrievers, Sydney and Haley, and a cat named Kitty.

Dr. Smith is a graduate of the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine. He joined Merrillville Animal Hospital in 1990 after serving an internship at Auburn University. When not working he enjoys cooking, gardening, woodworking, and traveling with his wife .

Clifford Smith, DVM




Since 2001, Jennifer has been at the front desk meeting, greeting, and helping everyone who brings their pets to Merrillville Animal Hospital. Jennifer has worked in the animal health field since she was a teenager working in a kennel. Always smiling , pleasant, and helpful to every person she meets, Jennifer’s considerable knowledge of veterinary care allows her to accurately communicate important information to pet owners over the phone. Jen is proud to say that nothing is more rewarding then when a client calls or writes a thank you note telling her they appreciate the care that they have been given for them and their pet.



Brandy has been working at the Merrillville Animal Hospital since 2004. She has loved animals since her childhood and has had quite an assortment of pets over the years, including the time that her parents let her raise chickens. Brandy is the proud mom of three dogs: an Affenpinscher, a Brussels Griffon , and Paco the Chihuahua; as well as Chloe, a Himalayan cat. Brandy works as a receptionist and a veterinary assistant. She also helps to find homes for many of the abandoned pets that find their way to the Merrillville Animal Hospital. Her favorite animal quote is, “animals leave paw prints on our hearts”.




Anna has been working at the Merrillville Animal Hospital since 2007, but her experience with our clinic goes back further. While growing up, she had two dogs of her own and her parents brought them to the Merrillville Animal Hospital for their vaccinations. She says the visits were so memorable, and combined with her love and admiration of animals, she chose to work at the Merrillville Animal Hospital. Today, Anna works as a veterinary technician and with the animals in the kennel. Anna says “every day I continue to learn and grow in my profession, making everyday rewarding.”




Donna has been working as a pet groomer since 1996 and joined the staff at Merrillville Animal Hospital in 2009. She has two dogs: a pitbull and a beagle/ bulldog mix. She also has two cats and two ball pythons at home. Donna has been married to her husband, Randy, for 27 years and has two sons and four grandchildren. When not grooming pets, she enjoys fishing, camping, and riding motorcycles.



Tara has been working at  the Merrillville Animal Hospital since early 2012 after gaining four years of experience at another veterinary clinic. Tara received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Ball State University in 2011 and decided to return to her former job as a veterinary assistant because of her love of animals.


Whenever Tara comes home with a pet carrier, her family never knows what to expect. Whether it is fostering a small kitten, a baby rabbit, or raising orphaned ducklings, Tara takes great personal interest in caring for animals. Tara is also the proud owner of Sammy the Dachshund and Mickey the Papillon. She says, “my passion and love for animals, combined with this position, has reinforced my goal to learn as many aspects of the job of a veterinary technician,



Sarah has been with the Merrillville Animal Hospital as a receptionist and helping in the kennel since March 2011, but she has been working with animals for many years. Sarah’s family has been a strong supporter of animal adoption. So she had many pets growing up, including dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, snakes and bunnies. Over the past 3 years, Sarah has become the proud mother of 3 rescued cats: Little Miss, Temperance and Willow, as well as 3 rescued rabbits: Jack, Delaney and Liza. Sarah is often the cheerful voice you hear on the phone, or the friendly face you see when you first walk in. Sarah said she loves working at the Merrillville Animal Hospital because she is able to be there with clients in the good times with their pets, as well as a comforting soul when they are going through difficult times. She finds her job very rewarding. In her spare time Sarah enjoys performing in local theatre productions and spending time with her husband and their furry kids.




Erin has been with Merrillville Animal Hospital since early in 2011.  Erin takes great care of the animals during their stay at Merrillville Animal Hospital. She also assists the doctors if they need help with a large animal or in holding the smaller ones who like to squirm and move during treatments.


Erin loves animals and has a lot of experience with them. Other than her own pets at home, she has worked in other veterinary hospitals and for boarding kennels. So she is very familiar with just about every size dog or cat that may come in the door .

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